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Can we teach the lesson givers?

The most serious in the case concerning this columnist of the Bondy Blog, Mehdi Meklat, who freely held for years on his Twitter feed (under the nickname Marcelin Deschamps before returning to his name) antisemitic, homophobic, sexist, insulting remarks about a particular personality ... some of which fall clearly under the law, it is the responsibility of media that hired, supported, promoted, praised ...

Of two things one, these media (Mediapart, Liberation, Télérama, The World, The InrocksFrance 2, France Inter ...) did not know who Mehdi Meklat was, and then their credibility is deeply questioned, either they knew it but did as if nothing happened, which raises questions about their intentions and how whose role they play in restoring what is at work in French society.

All the more, as an aggravating circumstance, we can see here the gaping gulf of the double standard of professional lesson givers in terms of anti-racism and the fight against discrimination. For a young affiliate of the FN, for example, who would have made such tweets would have been instantly, and for good reason, pilloried by these media, and would certainly be in court.

We have even recently seen "one" of Inrocks, the former minister of justice, so sensitive to discrimination, proudly pose next to the author of these anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist, insulting tweets ... on the occasion of the promotion of the release of her latest book, written with his friend of the Bondy Blog!



Attempts to discard or defend today, between the excuse of humor and the "role play" under anonymity, would be pathetic if they did not show the impunity felt by their authors, whether Mehdi Meklat or those who supported him. It should be noted that under the pseudonym Marcelin Deschamps, Mehdi Meklat never took (under the pretext of humor) to certain categories of people, never to others. The parallel attempted by some of his defenders with the sometimes very limited humor of Charlie Hebdo not holding here because Charlie take on everyone, without exception.

Of course lessons must be learned from this case. The first, positive, being that these media, who played consciously or unconsciously the game of this character as they willingly do with other identity entrepreneurs of the same ilk present every day on their antennas and in their columns, will now have many more difficult to come and lecture us and explain that they fight with all their strength against discrimination and stigmatization. It is up to these media to learn from their mistakes in this area in recent years, by giving the floor, for example, to all those who fight against these drifts of identity, those we have had, this time, under the eyes , a brilliant proof of what they can produce.

Press release Christiane Taubira published on Facebook this Monday, February 20 at 15 hours:

"There is a lot of evidence in this matter of tweets Mehdi Meklat. To tell the truth, there is even that. The first is that the Inrocks would not have taken the risk of compromising themselves. It's a newspaper that likes to debate, and even quarrel with artistic tastes, not get dirty. The second is that it would not have occurred to them to propose this meeting if they had the slightest knowledge of even one of these tweets, because they know that on these subjects, it is not There is no space for debate. They also know that nothing in my remarks, in my attitude, or in my writings, and my life is already long, offers the smallest gap to suppose the shade of complacency on such abjections. The third obvious fact is that these words cause a consternation as dizzying as an atomic crater. The fourth is that there is only one way out: the truth and the journey. And if it was a game, it is too pestilential and too dangerous not to be subjected to rigorous scrutiny. I met Mehdi Meklat for this interview, I had read their two books. I maintain that they are well written. There is something to purge. He can not reside in the same spirit the beauty and the depth of such a literature and the hideousness of such thoughts. It is necessary to purge, to cure, to curet. It is easier when you are at the beginning of a life where there is so much to do.

One thing to remember: anonymity never preserves forever, and that's good news. Social networks are not a bunker. Not durably. "

Extracts from the editor's editorial Inrocks Pierre Siankowski published on February 20 at 15:58, we can read the entirety of Inrocks.fr :

"Do not go all the way, do not look for excuses: in their hard reading, and that they were published under a name other than his, these tweets are abominable, abjects, and some taken as such are simply anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic. Nothing to say on that. This is extremely serious and shocking and we can only condemn these words.

Had I, we had, at the Inrockuptibles, knowledge of all this before giving the floor to Mehdi Meklat? No newspaper, no journalist can peel from A to Z the tweets of him or those on whom he produces a subject. Since February 17, some - sometimes between two insults, and a posteriori - ask me, as many other editors, radio or television channels who gave the floor to Mehdi, how I could tolerate his presence in the pages of the newspaper. Others flatly accuse Les Inrockuptibles - with a lot of screenshots of the tweets incriminated - to have been complacent, or even a form of complicity with respect to these remarks made by Mehdi Meklat. It is surprising that those who are so sure of their judgment today have not expressed themselves before since they "knew", it seems.

Let things be very clear: never Inrockuptibles have, throughout their history, tolerated in their columns of anti-Semitic, racist or homophobic. Since their creation, Les Inrockuptibles have always fought, with determination and commitment, anti-Semitism, racism and homophobia. We do not have to receive lessons from anyone, on social networks as elsewhere. The Inrockuptibles have even less to apologize, a posteriori, to have published texts or comments of Mehdi Meklat prior to the controversy surrounding his tweets. Read carefully these texts, they are simply the opposite of what was found on his Twitter. These are beautiful and powerful texts.

The excuses we expect from Mehdi Meklat as a result of this story must be just as much. Just as well. They need to explore and clarify the darkness behind his shameful tweets. Many, including me, including this newspaper, have put their trust in Mehdi Meklat. It is in the name of this trust that our profound desire to see him come out with dignity - that is to say, without denying his faults - of this situation that overwhelms him for the moment. Forgiveness exists. Just ask, sincerely. You are more than capable, Mehdi. "

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    I have trouble reading, but I do not see in the statements of Taubira or Siankowski the recall of the law sanctioning the racist, anti-Semitic, sexist and homophobic remarks of this obsessed Q ...

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