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Ce que Laurent Wauquiez prépare pour reconstruire les Républicains

INQUIRY - The new president of LR will unveil the first names of his management before Christmas before making his entire team public for the national council on 27 January. Objective: "to reconstruct the thought of the right".

"It's here that everything starts," announced Laurent Wauquiez during the campaign, convinced that his time as leader of the right would finally arrive. Convinced also that the election at the head of the party would only be a starting point. In no way a point of arrival. "I am very confident. Me, I have four years to rebuild, "he added, already projecting in the long time against Emmanuel Macron. "We wish him a long life, but it is not excluded that we stop him before!" This is certainly what the new boss of the Republicans wants.

Step by step, very methodically - brutally, say his many opponents - Laurent Wauquiez now wants to build the suite. Convinced that in case of failure of the Head of State the French will demand "clarity" and will wait for a response from political parties as "key proposals." With him, then, in the right place. Wauquiez organized everything.

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Without delay, Monday morning at 9:30, the new president will meet at the party headquarters Bernard Accoyer, Secretary General on departure. "He must have the courage to renew heads and change everything, confided shortly before the election Bernard Accoyer. As a surgeon, he must have the courage to cut the foot right away. "Before major work, this day should be dedicated especially to prepare his" 20 hours "on TF1, where he will intervene for the first time as boss of some of the opposition.

Some relatives also advised him to quickly make some symbolic gestures: a lunch with an important personality of the right and the center - the name of Jean-Louis Borloo was suggested -, a testimony for the inhabitants of his region, Auvergne-Rhône -Alpes, to emphasize its local roots.

"I want to be able to show a new generation, a new right"

Laurent Wauquiez

He especially hears demining ... "This week will be the week of renewal and gathering," says Laurent Wauquiez at Figaro. "I want to be able to show a new generation, a new right. We must immediately open the doors and windows, "he continues, while many tenors, including Nicolas Sarkozy, had explained that a" political family "is not" a cult. " "The second message will be to gather, reach out, propose to everyone to come on board to get the right back together." These are challenges in the coming months.

Wauquiez also planned to treat the personalities of the party occupying important functions by wishing to meet them as soon as possible. As the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, the chairman of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, his counterpart in the Assembly, Christian Jacob, and, less known to the general public, the President of the French delegation of the European People's Party (EPP), Franck Proust. Wauquiez also intends to call his competitors, Florence Portelli and Maël de Calan. If the mayor of Taverny repeated that she would not want any position in the new direction, the young juppéiste would like his supporters to be represented in the political bureau and the national commission of nomination, a strategic body whose presidency should return to a wauquieziste.

On Tuesday, the new boss of LR noted in his agenda the group meeting of deputies LR to the Assembly. An institutional phase that will continue - happy coincidence of the timetable for Wauquiez - by an EPP meeting on December 14 in Brussels, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy. One way to try to pose as the first opponent to Emmanuel Macron before the European Council of 14 and 15 December.

But while the week will be rich in news including the summit on climate, the report on Notre-Dame-des-Landes airport, the national conference of territories, Wauquiez thinks to present the first part of its management team, on December 13 or December 18. The second part to be formalized after the Christmas holidays so that the organization chart is known January 27, day of the National Council of Republicans in Paris.

«Guillaume Peltier is one of the new faces that I will highlight»

Laurent Wauquiez

Promised thing, due thing: Virginie Calmels will be named vice-president. With Guillaume Peltier as possible second vice-president. At the end of September, at the end of September, Wauquiez announced that his host, the deputy from Loir-et-Cher, would play "an eminent role" at his side. «Guillaume Peltier is one of the new faces that I will highlight»he added. A commitment several times confirmed by Wauquiez to the founder of the Popular. A way for the boss of LR to create a pair Calmels-Peltier, with different political profiles: "metropolises" and "territories", "the liberal" and "the popular". For his future secretary general, Laurent Wauquiez would like to find a profile of "technician" rather than "political". And that of an absolute loyalty, so as to hold the shop in his absence ... "Except that with his conception of power, Wauquiez will do everything and the others, the rest!", A lute tenor LR.

Several names are cited for the first ten nominations. They correspond to elected officials noticed in recent weeks by the former candidate as his spokesperson, the mayor of Chalon-sur-Saone, Gilles Platret, deputy LR of the Ain Damien Abad or the campaign manager, Geoffroy Didier. Even if the vice president of the Ile-de-France region also irritates some wauquiezistes of the first hour. The mayor of Châteauroux, Gil Averous, was judged very good in the meeting, the young deputies Aurélien Pradié (Lot) and Fabien Di Filippo (Moselle), and Alexandre Vincendet, mayor of Rillieux-la-Pape, also attracted attention .

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The tenors of LR will also be entitled to special treatment, as Valérie Pécresse or Xavier Bertrand, who are increasing criticism of Laurent Wauquiez. "Valérie Pécresse is facing a choice. At the moment when Emmanuel Macron wants to kill the right, does he participate in the reconstruction enterprise or does he play the chapels of the division? ", Confided Wauquiez to the Figaro during the campaign, while some sarkozys push him to propose the presidency of the national council. "I tell Valerie, Xavier and Christian (Estrosi) that I respect their sensitivity, their convictions, that their ambitions are legitimate. I know their talent and when you have talent, you put it at the service of your political family. I also tell them that the time is too serious, that what is being played goes beyond our personal destinies. Our responsibility is great, there is no more room for solitary courses, it is together we must move forward, "insisted the candidate for its last meeting.

"Laurent is able to adapt his line. He is not an ideologue but an opportunist. We have seen it on Europe »

A parliamentary LR

In addition, Wauquiez always thinks of constituting a "shadow cabinet" by sticking closer to the governmental architecture. Although criticized by many LR parliamentarians who see the risk of an empty shell, Laurent Wauquiez is convinced of the validity of his idea and sees the opportunity for the party to make proposals, subject by subject. One way also to try to end the Mexican army of national secretaries of LR ...

To the point of drawing a party totally in his hand? This is what some elected LR fear more and more, both in composition and on the political line ... "If he refocuses, he loses the activists who supported him and to whom he said he does not would not deny it, says a LR MP who supports him. If he does not refocus, he pushes a little more elected LR on the start. CQFD. "Another parliamentarian, who has known him for a long time, imagines a third way:" He can not choose between these two options. But Laurent is able to adapt his line. He is not an ideologue but an opportunist. We saw it on Europe. "The tenors of LR wait Wauquiez at the turn, placing it" under surveillance ". "His line is not tactical or strategic. Wauquiez, do not expect him to change position, defend his entourage. His political line is known. But that of the party will come from the debates, it will not precede them. All sensibilities can be heard. It does not mean to deny oneself. "

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Finally, in 2018, the president of the RL intends to renew departmental secretaries, real prefects of the party, by naming them for a specific period. To each one, he intends to give a mission letter with a requirement of results (evolution of the number of members, respect of the objectives for the intermediate elections, etc.). At the same time, he would like to give thematic reflections to elected officials to revitalize the party. For example, the opening of LR to civil society, membership status or the creation of a status of sympathizer - a track already proposed by Bernard Accoyer or Maël de Calan - to encourage the French to participate in life of the party without taking the card.

While many French people turn away from political parties and Emmanuel Macron emerged without having a career in a movement, Laurent Wauquiez is convinced that LR can become a place of life and intellectual bubbling. In this way, he hopes to associate intellectuals and think-tanks who share LR's values ​​with the great debates of the right. As on the question of Europe, science, research, innovation, etc. "I also want us to invest in the theme of sustainable development. I do not want to be left to a handful of ayatollahs and leftist extremists, "he said in a meeting last week. "I want us to think together about tomorrow's world. There are so many topics waiting for us. We must rebuild the thinking of the right, instead, each time, to go buy the thought of the left as if the philosophy of the right was not rich enough, "he detailed.

And this is the biggest challenge facing him Laurent Wauquiez: revive the enthusiasm on the ground to achieve remake of LR a popular party. "Laurent has all the capacities to achieve this and to achieve it quickly. After, the future is not written, slips Brice Hortefeux. That must be the story of his destiny. "It's here that everything begins, so hopes Laurent Wauquiez:" It's a long way, and I know it will take time. This election is a step. "


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