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French pilgrims at the World Youth Day in Krakow in 2016. - Photo credits: Jean-Matthieu GAUTIER / CIRIC

FIGAROVOX / READING - The recent works of the political scientist Jerome Fourquet and the philosopher Denis Moreau are especially devoted to them.

Are we witnessing the resurrection of Catholics? On the booksellers' fronts, at least, they are in fashion. This literary parous is all the more striking as the weight of Catholics in the population has collapsed.

On this observation at least, Jérôme Fourquet and Denis Moreau are in unison. The first quantifies this demographic erosion: "While the" messalisants "still constituted a significant minority (35% of the population) in the 1960s, they now weigh a marginal weight (6%) and are today not only very minority, but older, and therefore in decline. "Denis Moreau interprets it with the height of the teacher of philosophy:" At the scale of the long term and in Western Europe, we are still in what Nietzsche called the the time of the "death of God", of its slow and progressive disappearance of consciousness.

« À la droite de Dieu», de Jérôme Fourquet, Cerf, 176 p., 18 €.
"On the Right of God" by Jérôme Fourquet, Cerf, 176 p., 18 €. - Photo credits: p

In At the right hand of God, the political scientist Jérôme Fourquet traces the great return of Catholics to politics and how, from gay marriage to support for Christians in the East through IVG, nurseries in town halls or Islam, Catholics have been able to impose their themes to enthrone François Fillon during the primary. The presidential election crystallized this "right" of a large part of the Catholic electorate: the three of them, Fillon, Dupont-Aignan and Le Pen shared 65% of the votes of practicing Catholics. However, Jérôme Fourquet remains cautious about the existence of a "Catholic vote" that broke like foam on Macron Rock. And the pope, in all this? "He firmly rejected the so-called" moral duty "to preserve the original cultural and religious identity of the European continent," says Jérôme Fourquet, and is now facing a "identity stiffening of minority groups under the effect of inexorable demographic decline and rapid change in their environment. "

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« Comment peut-on être catholique?», de Denis Moreau, Seuil, 368 p., 22 €.
"How can one be Catholic?" By Denis Moreau, Seuil, 368 p., 22 €. - Photo credits: p

The philosopher Denis Moreau hears it from a different ear: he does not intend to bring his faith to the sepulcher, nor to dissolve it in an ultimate quest for a graal identity as a viaticum. Assuming to have to take on himself the "burden of justification" as others carry their cross, he reads in his contemporaries the same astonishment as in Montesquieu: "Ah! Ah! Monsieur is Persian? "And to titrate, quite logically,How can one be Catholic? The implication is: how can one be a normalist, a philosophy teacher, look smart, and yet believe in the foolishness of another age? Inscribing himself in a long Christian intellectual tradition, apologetics, to which have devoted themselves no less than Augustine or other Pascal, the Cartesian professor does not sign a theological treatise. But he took seriously St. Peter - "You must always be ready to give reason for the hope that is in you" - although, seriously, it is embarrassed only on the substance; as for the form, the injunction of the Petrine Epistle does not prevent him from doing the clown.

"The best thing about paradise is superimposing three models: orgasm, football goal, rock concert

The philosopher Denis Moreau

Because, behind the enumeration of the arguments in favor of the Christian faith, it is the portrait of Denis Moreau which is profiled in the manner of a stained glass window giving to the Light of which it is pierced its own color and its contours. His way of believing, hoping, loving or praying. See, "What I find best for paradise is to superimpose three models: the orgasm, the goal in football, the rock concert."

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In the end, these two authors would perhaps agree that Christianity is substantially incapable of being a true counter-culture. "As a religion of the Incarnation, Christianity takes shape where it is, in its time," Denis Moreau wrote again, between a quote from Motörhead and a reference to Saint Paul. Jerome Fourquet also notes this astonishing permeability of Catholicism, for example in the recourse to modes of political action to which he was not yet accustomed. "This militancy of a new kind has allowed the creation of many collectives, whose methods are borrowing both the tradition of agit-prop, but also to LGBT associations or alterglobalists."

Whether it is to defend their convictions (the cathos of the right) or their faith (Denis Moreau), Catholics can still create surprise. To be where no one is waiting for them Leave it until you find their tomb ... empty.


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7 Partages

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