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Former Communist Minister Jack Ralite Dies at 89

L’ancien ministre communiste Jack Ralite est mort à 89 ans

He was one of the communist ministers of the government of Pierre Mauroy from 1981 to 1984. The former communist minister Jack Ralite died at the age of 89, said Sunday Meriem Derkaoui, mayor of the city of Aubervilliers (Seine -Saint-Denis) that he directed from 1984 to 2003. Born May 14, 1928 in Chalons-sur-Marne (Marne), Jack Ralite had joined the PCF in 1947. [...]

In Barcelona, ​​hundreds of thousands of Catalans claim the freedom of "political prisoners"

À Barcelone, des centaines de milliers de Catalans réclament la liberté des «prisonniers politiques»

 Successful bet for the Catalan independentist associations, which, in front of 750,000 protesters, brought in the families of the politicians imprisoned in Madrid and broadcast messages filmed by former President Carles Puigdemont and his ex-ministers in exile in Belgium. From our special correspondent in Barcelona On Saturday November 11, 750,000 protesters, according to [...]

Back on the Georges Bensoussan affair: the trial of the real

Retour sur l’affaire Georges Bensoussan : le procès du réel

  FIGAROVOX / READING -Alexandre Devecchio read Autopsy of a denial of anti-Semitism (The Gunner). A precious document that brings together texts by historians, journalists and intellectuals who have followed the debates or testified at the trial of Georges Bensoussan, accused of Islamophobia. "In France, an anti-Semitism of the everyday", it was the title of the newspaper Le Monde the day of the verdict of [...]

Guillaume Tabard: "From the national lists to the Europeans or the act II of the political recomposition"

Guillaume Tabard : «Des listes nationales aux européennes ou l’acte II de la recomposition politique»

  COUNTER-POINT - The ambition of Emmanuel Macron is to take the lead in a big pro-European campaign, weakening the oppositions a little more. Back to the initial scenario. For twenty years, from 1979 to 1999, French MEPs were elected on national lists. In 2003, resuming a proposal from the Gaullist Michel Barnier and the Socialist [...]

Riss: "Charlie Hebdo must survive Daesh"

Riss : «Charlie Hebdo doit survivre à Daech»

INTERVIEW - After receiving new death threats, the weekly is filing a complaint. His director also speaks about the Merah trial and life since January 2015. The last one of the satirical weekly that presents a Tariq Ramadan hypertrophied sex, proclaiming "I am the sixth pillar of Islam!" again the newspaper at heart [...]

Fwd: The BNVCA welcomes the decision of the TGI of Paris who sentenced Anne Guerrier, Professor of English in preparatory literary class at the Lycée JansonSailly of the head of contestation of crime against humanity

Fwd: Le BNVCA salue la décision du TGI de Paris qui a condamné Madame Anne Guerrier, Professeure d’anglais en classe préparatoire littéraire au Lycée JansonSailly du chef de contestation de crime contre l’humanité

8 Boulevard Saint Simon 93700 Drancy President Drancy November 10, 2017 Sammy GHOZLAN 0177384944 The BNVCA welcomes the decision of the TGI of Paris who sentenced Anne Guerrier, Professor of English in preparatory literary class at Lycée Janson-de-Sailly in the 16th arrondissement in Paris, the head of contestation of [...]

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