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Natacha Polony: "The good use of democracy"

Natacha Polony: «Du bon usage de la démocratie»

  By Natacha Polony CHRONICLE - This political sequence marks the victory of risk-free renewal, the eviction of political elites to better preserve economic elites. Nothing to do with a democratic awakening of the whole nation. This is the principle of reasoning by the absurd: to decline the logical consequences of a proposal for [...]

Sarah Halimi: a French story

Sarah Halimi: une histoire française

On April 4, in a public housing project in Belleville, Sarah Halimi, a 65-year-old Jewish retiree, was tortured and then defeated at the shout of "Allah akbar" by Kobili Traoré, her 27-year-old neighbor. The barbarity of the crime has been aggravated by weeks of media and political denial, and by the refusal to evoke [...]

Legislative: The democratic divide

Législatives: La fracture démocratique

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - The first round of legislative elections confirms the wave of March in the polls despite a rate of abstention at the highest level in the history of the Fifth Republic. Decryption with Maxime Tandonnet. Maxime Tandonnet, former adviser to Nicolas Sarkozy, is the author of History of the Presidents of the Republic (Ed Perrin, 2013 and 2017) and [...]

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