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Why is there art rather than nothing?

Pourquoi y a-t-il de l’art plutôt que rien ?

The world is not arbitrary, it makes sense. Works of art from past centuries bear witness to this. Since then, say, André Breton, it is rather the sad and authoritarian absurdity (not that of the happy Dada) that occupies the field. And also art as market value and financial investment. One can criticize the functioning of the art market, [...]

Theatrical evening in Deauville

Soirée Théâtrale à Deauville

  The association CJFAI with the support of France-Israel Normandie presents you: Theater in Deauville Saturday, August 26 at 19 hours A true story, between kibbutz and moshav, "a love story 48" A handsome young man (the son of the president Ben Zvi), a beautiful girl (the author Pnina Gary), a meeting in a [...]

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