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un scandale d’Etat ?

un scandale d’Etat ?

Document sans nom     Paris, le 19 Décembre 2019 La Confédération des Juifs de France et des Amis d’Israël est profondément choquée par la décision scandaleuse de la Cour d’Appel de Paris de ne pas renvoyer devant les assises, Kobili Traoré, assassin de madame Sarah Halimi sous le fallacieux prétexte que celui était sous […]

French diplomacy split over Viktor Orban case

La diplomatie française divisée face au cas Viktor Orban

INQUIRY - The "fleeing" note of the French ambassador in Budapest, which nuances the judgment on the Hungarian prime minister, regularly criticized by Brussels for his illiberal inclination, has exposed a line of fracture in diplomacy French. French flag floating in the front of his jeep, the French ambassador [...]

Madness or anti-Semitic act? Nine months later, the murder of Sarah Halimi remains unexplained

Folie ou acte antisémite ? Neuf mois après, le meurtre de Sarah Halimi reste inexpliqué

Relatives of Sarah Halimi, a Parisian Jewish retiree killed by a young neighbor, are indignant at the slowness of education. For them, the aggressor acted out of anti-Semitism. Nestled in the heart of the 11th district of Paris, rue de Vaucouleurs is quiet, almost deserted, lined with low-rise buildings with tired facades. It's here, in one of [...]

Murder of Sarah Halimi: the prosecution demands that the antisemitic character be retained

Meurtre de Sarah Halimi : le parquet demande que le caractère antisémite soit retenu

  The prosecutor's request comes in the light of the suspect's psychiatric report. The Paris prosecutor's office Wednesday asked the judge in charge of the investigation of the murder of Sarah Halimi, a woman defenestrated in April in Paris, that the anti-Semitic character is retained in this case which caused much excitement. [...]

Céline Pina: "The State must clearly denounce the association Lallab, laboratory of Islamism"

Céline Pina : «L’État doit dénoncer clairement l’association Lallab, laboratoire de l’islamisme»

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - In the face of controversy, the Civic Service Agency finally gave up the idea of ​​entrusting young people to the "feminist and anti-racist" association Lallab. For Céline Pina, the state should clearly express the reasons for this refusal: this association defends ideas incompatible with the French Republic. Former local elected, Céline Pina is an essayist [...]

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