A "decolonial camp" forbidden to Whites is again in general indifference

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FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - For the second consecutive year, a "decolonial summer camp" forbids whites is organized on the French territory. Celine Pina warns of the dangers of such a manifestation for the Republic, a disturbing symptom of racism claimed by the extreme left indigenist.


Former local elected, Céline Pina is essayist and activist. In 2015, she denounced Pontoise's "Muslim Woman" show and recently published Guilty silence (Kero editions, 2016). With Fatiha Boutjalhat, she is the founder of Viv (r) e the Republica secular and republican citizen movement calling for a fight against all totalitarianisms and for the promotion of the indispensable universality of our republican values.


Imagine that there is an antenna of the Ku Klux Klan who decides to make, in France, a summer camp, exclusively reserved for the whites, presented as the victims of an anti-segregationist state, incapable of enforcing the supremacy of the race Caucasian on all others. We would scream racism, fascism, the return of the filthy beast, dark hours and fertile stomachs, all rightly elsewhere. It would be called to fight, in the name of our universalist and republican ideals, this nauseating ideology which ranks men according to the rate of melanin that their cells contain, and it would be recalled that the culmination of the quest for the purity of the race gave the crime against humanity.

But it is enough that the same racial delirium be carried by black or Maghreb people, so that the rejection of the other in the name of the color of his skin is no longer seen as the mark of racism by the communist far left, but become a question of dignity, a way of exhibiting a community belonging reduced to ethnic acquests. Thus, for the second year in a row, there was a demonstration in our territory of which no racist assumed had ever dared to dream until then: to create a political summer school where, in the name of anti-racism, chooses to select people according to the color of their skin and where the non-mixed is obligatory: a "decolonial summer camp", reserved for the victims of "state racism" and expressly forbidden to the whites, which is will be held August 12-17.

For these identities the ban on the whites is essential in their approach: their color is the mark of domination. The mixed couple is excluded: read this article published on the website of the Party of Indigenes of the Republic, entitled "the half-breed and white power": "Intimate relationships, bodies, identities, do not escape the violence of social relations of race. The "mixed marriage" and its product, "the half-breed", are the scene of this violence.

This way of seeing the world and of representing the bonds between men is without issue. There are only two possible attitudes: identification or rejection. The color of skin becomes the only legitimate membership: Houria Bouteldja, spokesman of the Indigenous of the Republic, in his book which assumes its racism from the title "Whites, Jews and us", says it very clearly: "I belong to my family, my clan, my neighborhood, my race, Algeria, Islam. " The "I" has disappeared, the individual is no more, only the "us communitarized" has the right of quotation.

The organization of this camp has the value of political test

In this camp, children of 10 years are admitted and have the right to a reduction. Allegiance and hate are inculcated early.

Relativisons nevertheless, this camp does not seem to recipe: it concerns only 210 people and to read the insistent mentions on the site pushing that the word of ears is multiplied, the numbers do not seem to pulverize the capacities of reception. More seriously, if their site teems with interviews and "political" texts, whose language of wood is pure solid oak, nothing can be found about the content of the camp itself. Which workshops? Which trainers? Which associations are involved? Is the initiative so unrewarding that being linked to it is seen as counterproductive?

As for the registration form, he would make the bright days of a circle of psychoanalysts: written in the paranoid mode, he seeks on the basis of a multiple choice to know if the candidate is compatible with their vision of racism. State. The financial difficulties that can be seen behind the calls for donations testify to the difficulty of giving credibility to the event. As for their budget, which does not reveal lines of rental establishment or equipment, insurance or budget security, we can question its sincerity. The funniest is the refusal to indicate any address "for security reasons". We get the chills we can. To tell the truth, these identity activists risk nothing but ridicule or that an abused owner, realizing that their manifestation is racist, ends up refusing the hiring. No more no less. In summary, an opaque offer, little information on the reception and security of people, outrageous postures and an artificial budget ... All this is hardly serious.

However, if these nickel-plated feet seem to slow down in terms of organization, the damage that this ideology does on weak or fragile minds generates individual sufferings and collective and political failures. Above all, more efficient organizations, such as the PIR, the CCIF, the UOIF dig the same paths. The only usefulness of this decolonial camp is its political test value: it is important to ensure that even if the power changes, the cowardice in terms of speeches and actions remains, the silence of the press remains assured and that of the elites, acquired.

The reintroduction of an overtly racist speech, the reduction of identity in the confinement to the origins, the rejection of the crucible of the nation for the benefit of racial separatism, the hierarchy of rights according to race, sex or confession and the reference to Islam, to sanctify the whole thing, it is around this verbal and mental bluggery that the whole indigenous and Islamo-leftist fringe meet: from the M'wasi collective, to Stop the facies controls, of the Party Indigenous people from the Republic to the fans of Alain Gresh and Tariq Ramadan, from the Walks for dignity to the collective Lallab, through the CCIF. The ideology shared by all these groups and personalities is characterized by the violent rejection of humanism, of this equality in the right of men because of the sharing of a common humanity.

Sorcerer Apprentices of the Identity Trade

The skin color is for those racists who claim to be anti-racist activists the only absolute that allows to think human relationships. Which exist only through the balance of power. So for these activists, the only question that is worth is that of domination. If you are not dominant, you are dominated. End of the richness and complexity of social relations. Intelligence and benevolence lose what violence and racial hatred gain. This spiritual and intellectual mediocrity is not only a poison that castrates the personalities in the name of the community, it is also a vector of infantilism. The way to consider integration into society is to find a leader for his collective and personal failures, to indict him and to hate him if he is stronger in maintaining his frustration or revenge, hoping that it will repair the fatuity of an immature ego hastily renamed "honor." To infect young people with this ideological poison that makes them unsuccessful is to sabotage their future by removing the very idea that they can have one. Finding their place in society becomes betraying their community, accepting the common rule becomes submitting to the white oppressor. Placed in this contradictory injunction, the individual can no longer build himself, only communitarian regression allows him to define himself, but for that, he must give up being.

This is how these apprentice wizards of the identity trade are ultimately gravediggers of freedom, emancipation and otherness on the back of a youth who deserves better than being the cannon fodder of the racialization of social and human relationships .



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