Borloo finds Macron's "vision of society" "ineffective and dangerous"

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The anger of Jean-Louis Borloo

The former mayor of Valenciennes fired bullets on the President of the Republic, who had not retained many of his proposals to improve the situation in the suburbs.

He had tried to look good, but this Wednesday, June 28, Jean-Louis Borloo let talk about his anger. During a meeting at the town hall of Valenciennes, the former city council did not mince words againstEmmanuel Macron, to whom he had made the end of April his report on the suburbs.

At first the former Minister of Ecology said he was satisfied, ensuring that most of his proposals were in the roadmap of the Head of State. But a few weeks later, it's a Jean-Louis Borloo a lot more bitter who spoke.

"Me, my feeling is that we are replacing the old world of solidarity by the young world of the abandonment of those who need solidarity," he regretted. "In other words, we must be careful that our country does not end up in the unpleasant situation. where gratin separates from noodles"Ventured the former mayor of Valenciennes trying the culinary metaphor. Read also

L'ancien ministre de l'Écologie Jean-Louis Borloo

Jean-Louis Borloo
The newspaper of 7:30: Jean-Louis Borloo takes revenge?

    "It's the problem ofa monarchy which in fact has no means, and what bothers me is that the few means she has, she decided to arbitrate for to allow those who run faster to run faster and faster", He lambasted. "This vision of society, I find it ineffective and dangerous," concluded Jean-Louis Borloo, who no longer hides his disgust.

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