PRESS RELEASE - The BNVCA, CJFAI, IIF, OJE and UPJF were shocked and hurt by the communiqué of the President of the Republic

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COMMUNIQUE - Le B.N.V.C.A, la C.J.F.A.I, l'I.I.F, l'O.J.E et l'U.P.J.F ont été choqués et blessés par le communiqué du Président de la République

Paris on May 15th, 2018


The associations named below, as well as the vast majority of Jews in France and friends of Israel of all faiths were shocked and hurt by the release of the President of the Republic on the latest dramatic developments in Gaza.

Because we deplore the loss of human lives, we expect our diplomacy to condemn the Palestinian provocations and the government of the Islamo-terrorist movement Hamas, which is sacrificing Palestinian women and children and bears sole responsibility for this situation.

The communiqué issued by the President of the Republic has struck us all that it contradicts two statements by President Macron.

On the one hand, he states: "Condemn the violence of the Israeli armed forces against protesters" ... and on the other hand, he claims : "Its commitment to the security of Israel and the steadfast French position in favor of a two-state solution, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in secure and recognized borders".

How can one claim to guarantee secure and recognized borders for Israel when it is accused of reacting to defend them and protect its citizens, especially when these borders are trampled and violated by a horde of 40,000 Gazans who want to enter Israeli sovereign territory. 

The recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the evidence of this truth, is just another pretext for igniting the region.

Faced with this threat, law and legitimacy are on Israel's side.

We consider that this sentence of the President of the Republic is "totally disproportionate compared to the reality of the field.

No democracy can thus bow to the blackmail of violence. France, the main victim of the same type of fatwas, must understand it better than anyone else and support Israel.

We call on the French authorities and the media to stop supporting the Hamas terrorist movement, which alone is responsible for the deaths of Palestinians whom it sacrifices without mercy on the altar of an illusory "return". impossible. 

We take note of this situation and warn of the danger, not negligible, that such a bias can lead to new manifestations of anti-Semitism on the national territory.


* Bffice NOTNational of Vigilance ContreATntisémitisme  (BNVCA)
* Cthe federation of Juifs of France and ATset ofIsrael  (CJFAI)
* Organisation Juive European  (OJ E)
* Uof Patrons and professionals Juifs of Francid  (UPJF)








11 Partages

4 Responses to "COMMUNIQUE – Le B.N.V.C.A, la C.J.F.A.I, l’I.I.F, l’O.J.E et l’U.P.J.F ont été choqués et blessés par le communiqué du Président de la République"

  1. Solange Benais
    Solange Benais   16 May 2018 at 13 h 27 min

    I deplore

  2. Hazen   18 May 2018 at 12 h 06 min

    Israel has every right to defend itself against this Islamofashism. Throughout history, Islam has always harassed other peoples, exploited and colonized them and pushed people into exile to settle Arabs

    • momo69   2 July 2018 at 19 h 17 min

      stop crying you are a terrorist state history proves it and shows it, and the hamas and one of your nonbrous products created by the mossad. How many condonations from the UN on land stolen children dead women ... ............ very strong weapons

  3. Re. R   7 June 2018 at 8 h 47 min

    Macron and all of Europe are under anti-Semitic influence.


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