Bercy categorically denies having set up a cell dedicated to Jewish taxpayers

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The Israeli financial daily "Globes" accuses the French tax authorities of having created a "secret department" to track the fraud and tax evasion of Jewish French.


THE WORLD | | By Benoît Floc'h

Did Bercy set up a cell specifically dedicated to Jewish taxpayers? This is what accuses the Israeli financial newspaper globes in an article published on December 28. "Completely false", retorts the French tax administration.

The article of globes evokes a "Secret department" He had twenty Hebrew-speaking officials whose role would be to track down the fraud and tax evasion of Jewish French, whether or not they plan to emigrate to Israel. According to the financial newspaper, it is the opening of"A number of international investigations against French people suspected of tax evasion and considerable tax evasion and money laundering in Israel through real estate purchases" who put the bug in the ears of the investigators of Bercy.

This service would be responsible for cross-referencing its own information with the Israeli land registry to identify possible fraud. The main streets of various Israeli cities were even mapped when many real estate purchases were made by Jews in France. The suspected taxpayers would then be received at Bercy to explain, especially those who migrate to Israel.

"Extremely serious"

"If it turns out, it's an extremely serious matter, considers Richard Abitbol, ​​president of the Confederation of the Jews of France and friends of Israel. That the financial inspectors control the Jewish taxpayers like the others is normal. But that a specific cell exists, as we have known in other times, is extremely serious. Does the government assume a gene of fraud among Jews? I'm asking for an official denial. "

It's done. In the middle of the day, the General Directorate of Public Finance issued a denial "Categorical" : "There is no such structure in the French tax administration, she says. French tax legislation prohibits any distinction made to persons on the basis of their origin, place of residence or membership of a particular nation or religion. "

On condition of anonymity, a senior official close to these questions confirms: "It goes without saying that I never knew of a cell of this nature. In the regularization files treated, there may be a few more Jews than there are in the French population, but this is explained in particular by history. In the 1940s, many French Jews wanted to protect their heirs by placing money in Switzerland. Today, they come to regularize the situation. It is also true that we have very bad fiscal relations with Israel. "

Moreover, French officials have worked well on the VAT fraud on carbon quotas of 2008-2009, in which many Jewish people are involved, but "An ethnic or religious specialization is inconceivable", ensures this same source. There would be nothing suspiciouse floor of the Ministry of Public Accounts and Public Accounts, as stated globes. "The building has only nine floors and therefore can not accommodate a so-called specialized cell on the thirteenth floor"says Bercy ironically.

Source: © Bercy categorically denies having set up a cell dedicated to Jewish taxpayers

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  1. bilou   30 December 2017 at 10 h 24 min

    True? Not true?
    It is enough if there is an anti-Semitic inspector or influenced by the anti-Israeli propaganda that as soon as he finds out that he is dealing with a Jewish family to fight on it.
    In the same vein, the buyer of a vehicle at a car dealership at the time of writing the papers: "Here you were born in. ???., My father too. Your car will be ready in 2 days. Except that we did not tighten the radiator cap. less than 200km before killing the engine.

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