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Editorial. The power has chosen to protect an individual because of his membership in the first circle of Macronie, in defiance of the law and the rules.

Editorial of the "World".

While Emmanuel Macron had made exemplary one of the pillars of his five-year term, it is a serious breach of the ethics and responsibility of power that provokes the most acute crisis to which the president of the Republic has been confronted since his election. The Benalla affair is turning into a state affair, weakening the executive on what should instead be its strength: the promise of the practices of a "new world".

It all starts with a video and the identification by The world, July 18, Alexandre Benalla, one of the presidential mission, wearing a police helmet, who violently attacks two protesters during a rally on the occasion of the 1st-May. Who had been authorized to follow the intervention of the police "As an observer" saw, according to the Elysée, impose a sanction. In this case, to say the least, since it took the form of a temporary suspension of fifteen days. This decision, which was not intended to leave the Elysee Palace, threw first suspicions on the operation of the summit of the state.

A decision too late

After guilty procrastination and a catastrophic communication, seeing that the case was becoming more and more uncontrollable, the head of state finally resolved, July 20, to do what he should have decided since the beginning, that is to say, dismiss this employee, whose profile, methods and relationships should have been alert for a long time, as shown by our different surveys.

This decision is too late to end a scandal that highlights the flaws of a hypercentralized practice of power. Emmanuel Macron had taken verticality as a pledge of efficiency to reform the country. Today, to have pushed her to the caricature, she is turning against him. The president likes to act with his followers in commando mode. It is this system in which loyalty takes precedence over everything else that has led the president to commit a major political error.

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The consequences are serious because this case has all the characteristics of a state affair. We are in the presence of a power that has obviously chosen to protect an individual because of his membership in the first circle of Macronie, in defiance of the law and the rules. It reveals a series of dysfunctions within the Elysée that have had cascading repercussions.

So the interior minister, Gerard Collomb, or informed senior officials who have not alerted justice. Thus the Prefecture of Police of Paris, three of whom have already been penalized in this case. It is also a state affair because it durably weakens the power and its capacity to act. Not to mention the confusion that seized the majority, paralyzed and confused by the attitude of the Elysee.

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In this important moment in democratic life, however, we must congratulate ourselves that the counter-powers have worked. The press, first, which revealed what was intended to remain hidden within the Elysee. Justice, then, who launched an investigation and now has to do its job. Parliament, finally, decided to set up a double commission of inquiry to establish the truth.

Reluctant to give explanations, Mr. Macron had, on Thursday, swept the troublesome questions by an evasive answer: "The Republic is unalterable. " This is not the case of the image of a president, who seems not to have broken with the practices of the "old world".

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  1. Cohen   23 July 2018 at 7 h 11 min

    There are other cases, it seems, that deserve as much clarification: the Sarah Halimi affair, the Mireille Knol affair and their incomprehensible unfolding: political interventions?

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