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Sammy Ghozlan

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Drancy the 1st of February 2018 

The BNVCA confirms the announcement made by the Ministry of the Interior that racist violence has decreased in 2017, especially against Jews and Muslims.

For the BNVCA this drop is due to the surveillance and protection of buildings, Jewish property by Operation Sentinel, and video surveillance devices that equip most synagogues, Jewish schools and community centers. However, violent actions are directed towards Jewish citizens, often attacked at home.

The BNVCA welcomes the reaction of the highest authorities of the State who have all condemned the anti-Jewish aggression of an 8-year-old child in Sarcelles. However we emphasize that what they call "new form of antisemitism" has been identified by the BNVCA for 19 years already. It finds its source in the incitement to hatred of Israel that drives the anti-Jewish act.

Moreover, we would like to point out that while it is true that racist and anti-Muslim acts are deplorable, they are in no way committed by members of the Jewish community. On the other hand, the majority of anti-Semitic acts are committed by individuals belonging to these communities who say they suffer from racism.

For the BNVCA, any attack on a Jewish person or property must be considered a priori antisemitic, for the police to provide evidence to the contrary.

Moreover, anti-Semitism can be better fought when the sentences handed down by the courts will be harsher to be more dissuasive.

5 Partages

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