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On the fourth day of the hearing, the court examined the life of the "landlord of the terrorists" of 13 November, and those of his two co-defendants.

The court looked at the fourth day, Monday, January 29, of the trial of Jawad Bendaoud, accused of having hosted two of the terrorists of November 13, 2015, on the life of the three young defendants. It's actually quite short: they spent more of their adult life behind bars than in their city. Except Youssef Aït Boulahcen.

The 25-year-old, suspected of helping his sister hide Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the mastermind of the attacks, and prosecuted for "Non-disclosure of crime", do everything to be forgotten. He has no locker, appears free, punctually points to the police station every week, has changed his name very officially and endures the hearings with his nose lowered, a scarf on his face. "Do you allow me to turn to not be photographed or drawn? "says Youssef Ait Boulahcen. "That's why you're hiding from the beginning of the hearing? ", answers the president, Isabelle Prévost-Desprez.

That's why. He has just landed his ambulance diploma, is also working " tirelessly " as a newspaper delivery man and earns around 3,000 euros a month. He helps his little brother, even gives him his car, he is single, without children. Dependents? "Before, I had a cat. " He is polite, well dressed, speaks in chosen terms and strives to be absolutely smooth. To make him forget the jihadist literature found at his home, that also he was his cousin, even if he did not know him, and that one of his sisters called him "Radicalized dirty" - which he denies highly.

Mohamed Soumah, said Mouss, is his exact opposite. He is the one who put Youssef's sister Hasna in touch with Jawad Bendaoud. A Guadeloupean mother, very Catholic, a Guinean father, Muslim. He chose Islam at 13, "Because I wear my father's name"but he is as far from jihadists as a coke dealer of a ginseng tea lover.

At 29, after 15 convictions, he has already spent nine years in prison, the first time at 16 - robbery with violence, receiving, rebellion, narcotics ... "When I was young, I was a little excited, Mouss suits. Since I was very young, I want to be a guy from the street, I want to fuck everything. " He quickly passed "Little shenanigans" (cannabis dealer) to a sitting situation of cocaine seller. He does not take it - he only smoked shit in prison. The two, three formations he has followed in prison have not gone further than his exits from the penitentiary system.

"You look like a nice lady"

Mouss is a thug, he readily admits, but he is a good son. He goes to see his disabled sister when he is outside, that is to say not often, worries about his little brother who goes wrong. His parents separated when he was 5 years old, and he has since been in Saint-Denis. He had not returned to prison on leave when his mother died in a car accident in 2013. "The day it happened, I felt something weird, I started looking for my mother, explained Mohamed. A friend of hers helped me call the hospitals, I learned she was dead. I was wanted by the police, I had to organize the funeral alone, a nice funeral in the church as she would have liked. " This is his biggest pain. To swear on what he has most precious, he always says "On my mother's grave".

Mouss knows the risks of the job, he took a 9mm bullet in the leg in a case he does not want to say anything, promises to amend, apologizes to the civil parties, and ensures that he is in love and "Do not want [that] you little brother follow his path". The opinion of psychiatrists is darker; Mohamed Soumah would be characterized by "A strong social maladjustment" : "Everything happens as if his own existence was neither in duration nor in security. "

Jawad Bendaoud, finally, that one no longer presents. French of Moroccan origin, Berber, 31 years old. He swears on the head of his son, Adam, 8 years old. Like Mouss, psychiatrists judged him of a "Middle level intellectual ability", the verve more. He was sentenced five times, most seriously to eight years in prison, for accidentally killing his best friend, and was not an easy client in detention. He gets angry quickly, and complete isolation has not helped. "I have not touched a human for twenty-seven months, said the young man. Except in the parlor my brother, my father, and my girlfriend escort girl. " He confesses that he cries in his cell, listens to music in the dark, his brother told him: "You're going crazy. When I come, you are excited, you speak loudly, you always say the same thing. "

Prison, he knows too much. A psychiatrist pontifying the judge "Inscribed in a galley wandering", in "Transgressive and tortious action". He had two phones in cell for twenty-one months, and knows how to recognize talent: when a guardian discovered his chip carefully taped into a 400-page book, he told him, "How did you do, man, you're a champion."

Through the windows, we scream at him, "Are you Jawad of BFM? " And he is sometimes entitled to a " Allahu Akbar " who depresses him, or a "So hi, I do not want trouble". Jawad promises that he has amended, that he has a project of a restaurant of the death at his exit, and that " even [If] eat at the Restos du cœur, [he will do] nothing illegal. It's a little to please the president. "Madam Justice, I respect you, the inmate told him. You look like a nice lady. I do not lick you like lawyers on BFM. "


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