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Francis Kalifat's answer to Jean-Luc Mélenchon.


Francis Kalifat's answer to Jean-Luc Mélenchon

It would have been good after the tumult surrounding the march against anti-Semitism in tribute to Mireille Knoll, everyone contributes by its words to appeasement. Anyone who has read Jean-Luc Mélenchon's last platform perceives that this word is not part of his vocabulary. These hateful words can not remain unanswered.

Mr. Mélenchon is cultivated. That's the problem. He knows. He knows what he says and more what he writes.

He also knows what anti-Semitism is. He knows the springs and the power. If he is not a follower, he is a connoisseur. He knows perfectly well that it is one of the ideologies that has most murdered throughout history and geography. He knows that she is still killing in France and Paris, in the 21st century and not later than last week.

Like Marx before him, the Jewish question haunts him and sometimes itches him. He does not write anything else in his blog of April 2, 2018: "Of course, I have the caution not to write more of what I think about the substance of the danger for the republican motherland this type of communitarianism ".

And this itch continues, when he tells Pierre Moscovici that he no longer thinks in French but in the language of international finance or when he questions the community links of a journalist who questions him, or finally when he comments on the situation in Gaza of this terrible sentence of which he measures the innuendo: "there are no peoples superior to the others". Many times he has flirted with a line whose contours he flatters and tests the resistance.

The imprudent or doubtful choice of these innuendos will be qualified. I say they are murdered at a time when Jews are being killed in France because they would supposedly be rich in their confession, like the poor Ilan Halimi, however, a cellphone salesman in a popular district of Paris. I say that they are unworthy of a political leader, when we shoot at Jewish Frenchmen responsible for the alleged "exactions" loaned to the Israeli army, such as the children of the Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse where those who fell to the Hypercacher in 2015.

Yet nothing stops or moderates Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In these conditions, how can we invite him to a march in memory of the last victim of this hatred which he himself calls "millennium"? His presence could not calm or calm anything. She was provocative by nature. And for good reason, she was.

What happened on the Parisian bitumen during the memory march of Mireille Knoll is nothing but what I wanted to avoid. Monsieur Mélenchon, like Madame Le Pen, obtained the scandal which he had come to seek, and no doubt the attention with which he habitually feeds, trampling under foot the recollection and the dignity which we called our wishes. I repeat it simply: the tumult provoked by his coming strengthens all my prejudices.

In his text published on April 2 and entitled "Day of shame", Jean-Luc Mélenchon gives his own account of events.

The untruths he puts forth with talent would not bother me if they were not so dangerous. I can not leave them without reaction, except to undermine the purpose of the Crif, which is to work for the Jewish French to have a peaceful life in France.

I can not let it be said that the Crif "would have a militia"; that this militia would make its law in the public space and that this law and this militia would be imposed on the national police "abandoned by its leaders" ...

Besides, the subject is stupid. For the so-called "militia" that had expelled Melenchon and his comrades would also, according to the author, "caused the reinstatement in the procession of leaders of the FN". However, Jean-Luc Mélenchon can not seriously reproach the Crif for having amalgamated the FN by not wishing the presence of these two formations and at the same time, vituperate against a "militia of the Crif" that would have protected Marine Le Pen.

But if the subject is stupid and false, it is nonetheless serious. And ignominious, as the concept and the expression of "submission to communautarisme" that the MP for La France Insoumise takes over and argues Alain Soral.

There is worse. In his rage, Jean-Luc Mélenchon lends me and the Crif the responsibility of anti-Semitism. No more no less. In a country where Jews are being killed, this great republican conscience is a learned explanation that the ultimate fault lies with the representatives of the Jewish community, in the first ranks of which, the Crif. I do not intend to tolerate such an abjection, comparable to that which makes the woman raped responsible for what she has suffered.

To finish, Jean-Luc Mélenchon shamefully attributes to me a vision according to which "to defend France, that is to say its national unity beyond the confessions, it is necessary to be in solidarity with the policy of a foreign state and crimes of his government ". Not once, on the occasion of the death of the late Mrs Knoll or the organization of this march against anti-Semitism, we did not mention the Israeli government. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who is no longer a contradiction, is not afraid to finish his remarks with the events in Gaza, however, which occurred after the march with a sober sentence as he is used to: "an army of killers fired on a defenseless mob in Palestine. "

The culpable amalgam that Mélenchon lends me is only committed by one person: himself! The trouble with which he complains of his eviction of the event in memory of Mrs. Knoll, is the fact that only one person who orchestrated and staged: himself!

It's enough. Insult and anathema are not the acceptable forms of a democratic and serene debate. Given the seriousness of his remarks, I demand on my behalf and on behalf of the Crif, the apologies that are required from Mr. Mélenchon.

Otherwise, I will seek justice against him and a judgment will be rendered. This judgment will not be that of the Crif, its "militias", a community or a foreign state. Like all other judgments in France, it will be pronounced in the name of the Republic and the French people.

Francis Kalifat, President of the Crif


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  1. Bilou   6 April 2018 at 16 h 19 min

    Melanchon complains of communitarianism. Is he honest or partisan?
    Is it all communitarianism? NO. He is not worried about new political parties under the banner of a claimed religious communitarianism that will one day take over the Republic. He is worried about the supposed Jewish Communitarianism. He would do well to read (not re-read because obviously he never read) the Bible of the Old Testament to understand the millennial attachment of the Jews to Israel. Attachment he strives to fight. Attachment he confuses with conspiracy, occult power, 5th column, etc.
    CRIF itself favors this interpretation by foolishly claiming that we have the right to criticize the Israeli government. Silly sentence if it does not oblige to justify the criticism emitted. A criticism without justification is only propaganda.

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