"Hallucinating. Ice-cold. "These are the terms used by Anne Sinclair, this Saturday on Twitter, to qualify the testimony of" Christelle ", alleged victim of Tariq Ramadan, collected by journalist Marion Van Renterghem for Vanity Fair. Two terms that have earned him since the wrath of the social network.

As a reminder, the Muslim theologian was indicted for rape before being placed in custody on Friday. At the same time, the above testimony published in the columns of Vanity Fair, tells the terrible evening lived by Christelle, locked, according to her, in the wake of the Islamologist, and victim of multiple abuses inflicted by the latter.

If the tweet ofAnne Sinclair may seem harmless, he did not fail to make some supporters of Tariq Ramadan. These included attacking the journalist on her past with Dominique Strauss-Kahn, indicted for rape in 2011. In addition to the sexist comments caused by the post, Anne Sinclair also suffered many anti-Semitic insults.


Since then, the former presenter of the "7 out of 7" of TF1 has received the support of members of the political sphere, determined to counter the hate speech of its detractors. Like the former prime minister Manuel Valls, anxious to help the one he calls "formidable journalist" and eager to "fight this anti-Semitism that gangrene our society." Socialist Senator David Assouline also reacted on Twitter, saying that Anne Sinclair "embodies very much what they hate: woman, Jewish, humanist, anti-racist, intelligent, great journalist".

A shared opinion by Henda Ayari, one of the two women who lodged a complaint against Tariq Ramadan, and the philosopher Raphael Enthoven who denounces the double speeches: "Dear fools who (on the grounds that she himself was married to #DSK) insult @anne_sinclair pcq she attacks #Ramadan, what would you have said if she had taken her defense? Whatever she says, you will denounce a double speech. In this, it is your speech that is twofold. "


The author of the article, Marion Van Renterghem, also protested against "those who exist only by their rudeness". Touched by this wave of support, Anne Sinclair slotted a grateful tweet this Sunday. To thank his allies, and stress the importance of such "solidarity".