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Anne Hidalgo is aware of the failures of recent months. She wants to be more attentive to the grievances of Parisians, multiplying the "qualitative studies". - Photo credits: Lea Crespi / Pasco


INVESTIGATION - Constant traffic jams, stagnant pollution despite the hunt for motorists, bloodless finances, sectarian housing policy and repeated controversies, clean streets at half-mast ... Never the political choices and the authoritarian method of the "queen mayor" of Paris had also been disputed, right and left. It is to believe that she lost the hand.

At the last Paris Council, Anne Hidalgo talked a lot of cleanliness. A long speech, promising new citizen consultations, after those that have already taken place. But the observers felt the tension in the air. A tension that is no longer circumscribed to this single file. Even his relatives recognize him. "Anne finally realized that she no longer had a hand," says one of them. "We are in a difficult phase, we will have to stay together," adds another. "2017 was our annus horribilis, 2018 will be much better," hopes this one. "It's starting to crack," he says. Lucid observations, because it would be necessary to be blind to not see that something is wrong. Broken to polemics about traffic, subscribed to violent attacks against her person - which sometimes causes an irrational endurance - Anne Hidalgo has always put them on the account of machismo, or rear-guard fighting of a coronized right. For the past six months, however, it has been facing the setbacks that are accumulating. An acid rain of bad news on soggy gray sky background and flood of the Seine.

The symbol of municipal setbacks begins with the rats, which have multiplied in Paris since the flood of 2016. Until then, Marseille was their home port, home to nine million rodents for a little less than a million inhabitants . We knew the cleanliness services of the Cité Phocéenne very inefficient, because gangrened by a unionism of another age multiplying walkouts and minimum services, and we saw a very local phenomenon. The rats have "entered" Paris. They moved from the basement to the macadam. A very visible phenomenon and therefore very embarrassing, that the City Council does not deny. Social networks helping, Twitter or Facebook, we discover them in small films posted by onlookers. They have the strength of a symbol.

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This symbol adds to the constant frustration of Parisians motorists or users of public transport for three years. In an interview with JDD, the mayor of Paris said there was 10% less traffic since September 2016. But she does not quote the study that establishes it. It ignores the increase in travel time in several axes of the capital. In total, it is hundreds of hours per year spent behind the wheel by each driver, which also have an economic cost. Finally, the decline in pollution, its favorite subject, leaves for the moment to be desired. According to the organization Airparif "the 48% decrease in its nitrogen dioxide emissions is mainly attributable to the modernization of the fleet", and not to the closure of the banks right bank. Finally, the pollution remains very strong in the east of Paris, the one who votes for it.

The bike, the metro and the festive bobo have given way to another more concrete, more distressing show. That of poorly negotiated contracts, persistent traffic jams, an ideological housing policy and horribly expensive.

So everything looks dirty, bottled, and poorly managed. We no longer see the green, digital and inclusive capital promised by the one chosen by Bertrand Delanoë to succeed him. The bike, the metro and the festive bobo have given way to another more concrete, more distressing show. That of poorly negotiated contracts, persistent bottlenecks, an ideological housing policy and horribly expensive, which generates a claimed debt indebtedness, and dangerously slippery. In a report submitted in January on issues of cleanliness and co-signed by all the political groups, Florence Berthout, who directs the group LR vis-a-vis Hidalgo, and presided for the occasion of this commission, draws up the unanimous report of a bad management of these services for a very long time: "The left has considered for years cleanliness as a requirement bourgeoise budget cleanliness has increased from 149 million in 2001 to 133 million in 2016, while at the same time the public space in Paris increased by nearly 30%, which also explains why today rats are at the party. "

The incompetence is also found on the side of the billboards of the capital. Since December 31, they have not seen anything. A white background replaced the usual advertisements and municipal information. An easy annuity to capture. The new contract with JCDecaux provided that 15% of the panels could display digital advertising. It was not in itself a bad idea, but it was to forget the local regulation, adopted in 2011 by the City itself, which forbids light advertising. The contract was therefore relied on by the administrative court. A judgment confirmed this week by the State Council. The city will lose 40 million revenues this year. The mayor's office does not dwell too much on the big lack of anticipation of the mayor's Deputy Fetish, Jean-Louis Missika.

"Transition problems"

But that's not all. The Vélib 'stations which made the pride of the Delanoë years are in bulk. The latest bikes are only not provided as expected by Smoove, while innumerable testimonies should have alerted the municipality on the difficulties of setting up in Montpellier, the city witness which nevertheless allowed Smoove to seduce the Parisian buildings, to the point to convince them to sign for fifteen years. "It's a transitional problem that also affects 67 communes around Paris. In the spring, everything will be back in order, "says the mayor of Paris. While waiting for the nice month of May, other administrative files testify to "problems of transition". This is the case of Autolib '. These little gray cars so ugly and so dirty were put on the market by Vincent Bolloré at the time of Bertrand Delanoe. They have not met with the hoped-for success - especially in the bordering communes. Who will pay the bill? Again, Anne Hidalgo ensures that a renegotiation is underway with Vincent Bolloré, and that everything will be fine. Yet a close to the mayor speaks of large sums to provision if Vincent Bolloré decided to go into force, "around 100 million euros".

To this litany of judicial and commercial outrages, are added the contracts that bound the City to the patron of the fairgrounds, Marcel Campion. Yet he was in the support committee of Anne Hidalgo during the municipal elections of 2014. And the latter did she not said many times all the good she thought fairgrounders? However, she dropped it overnight after a report from the regional chamber of accounts that calls into question the mayor of Paris for favoritism in the allocation of the Ferris wheel and the Christmas market of the Champs-Elysees. Campion claims 8 million euros to compensate for its investments in the Christmas market, which was banned in extremis last December. "We launched it in 2008 with Delanoë, we started with 200,000 visitors. Ten years later they were 15 million, which was worth to the Mayor a rent of 700 000 euros, always useful when you face a deficit of 6 billion euros, enrage Campion, who created his political movement, Paris released, to "weigh on the next municipal elections" because, he recalls, "there are a thousand fairgrounds that revolve around Paris, but they are also related to trade and markets, and it counts for an election" ... Is it for the same reason that the market with flowers and birds on the Ile de la Cité may disappear in favor of a new hall, as the writer regrets Benoît Duteurtre who sees the sign of amass touristification" to eradicate everything that looks like yesterday's Paris.

Anne Hidalgo has always presented herself as a loyal follower of the first socialist mayor of the capital. Is she not co-responsible for badly written contracts, bad habits installed?

Marcel Campion is suddenly considered as the Al Capone of Paris, after seventeen years of partnership - Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet and the new Parisian right had also broken with him in 2014. "When Delanoe and his first assistant Anne Hidalgo arrived in Paris in 2001, they had a slogan: "Change era", and finally, we discover that they have continued to do as before, "said Jean-Baptiste de Froment, first vice president of the opposition of Paris. The argument is right: is not it time, indeed, to change era, for lack of changing the air? The relatives of the mayor are so aware that they are now trying, but in vain, to deny the two mandates of his predecessor. "Anne will never say it like that, but what we are selling today is the bad practices of the Delanoe years," says one of his collaborators. Anne Hidalgo has always presented herself as a loyal follower of the first socialist mayor of the capital. Is she not co-responsible for badly written contracts, bad habits installed? "After seventeen years of power, you feel tired. The Chirac system ended six years after his departure in 2001, "admits a member of his team, almost on the start.

Elected after two mandates of Bertrand Delanoë, Anne Hidalgo wanted to "change style", reminds us this close. She seized great subjects, vibrated for great causes, neglected the small ones, and forgot the details. But the 54,000 agents of the municipality form a heavy and hierarchical army and not always very mobilized by the value work. They must be closely watched. Delanoe was an angry maniac and an authoritarian centralist who reigned over a municipal majority at his boot. Anne can only be mayor by the agreement of a very complicated coalition. She wanted to transform this forced coalition into flexible collegiality, "continues the observer. But the result was to leave the bridle on his neck to his deputies. This is the case of Ian Brossat, elected Communist sure of him, stalinoid version of the bogeyman moralizer, which is in charge of housing policy - a key issue on which the Mayor of Paris made wonderful promises during his campaign. Brossat, therefore, spends the money of Parisians to buy very expensive buildings that he wants to convert into social housing. He is one of the weak links of the mayor, who remains severely judged in the polls on its housing policy by those who should enjoy it.

"Out of control" finances

In a city that already has 20% of social housing, it is unrealistic to increase this already substantial 25 or 30% as the mayor proclaims, in solidarity with his deputy, when the price per square meter continues to increase. But it does not matter, the debt of the City is there for that. "We went from 1 billion debt at the beginning of the Delanoe era to 4 billion before his departure, and since then, the debt is rising faster and should reach nearly 7.5 billion in 2020," says Jean -Baptist Froment, who describes finances "out of control". She talks about massive investments, but it's hard to see where, outside the payroll. If the rating agencies are still lenient for the moment, it is that Paris is worth gold, and transfer taxes are very juicy. Not to mention the accounting bookkeeping games authorized by the Valls government, which allowed the leveling of operating expenses. "Madame Hidalgo still complains of Manuel Valls, but she owes him a proud candle just for that," often repays the PS deputy of Val-de-Marne, Luc Carvounas.

Anne Hidalgo loves big words. Paris "resilient city", Paris "world-city"! City world? Hidalgo reigns in fact only on a very small perimeter of 20 districts, which has nothing to do with the immense surface of true megacities. Its capital is a pinhead, a showcase that draws its substance from all the IIe-de-France. Rather than campaigning for Greater Paris, which is the real solution to deploy and share the policy of social housing and transport, the mayor decided to assume the status quo, turning its back on the Parisians. Admittedly, the project of an extension of Paris beyond the periphery is a puzzle, but she made this beautiful idea - left? As long as the elect of the little crown were on board. Today, steering the Metropolis of Greater Paris offers much more tenuous results, despite the promises of its president, Patrick Ollier.

A year ago, Anne Hidalgo could look to the future with more optimism. She hoped to embody one of the hopes of the left. She saw herself little by little in the face of a "national" succession. And she boasted above all to be international

Everything is therefore more complicated for the one who "masters the art of making enemies even in his own camp", as he says M, the magazine of the World in one of last November. And there are many on the left, Daniel Vaillant and Myriam El Khomri in the eighteenth arrondissement. Or the adviser of Paris Didier Guillot, also former ally of the mayor spent at Macron, denounces his "obsession with com". Five elected PS have formed a subgroup Macronien led by his former Deputy Finance, Julien Bargeton. A year ago, however, Anne Hidalgo could look to the future with more optimism. She hoped to embody one of the hopes of the left. She saw herself little by little in the face of a "national" succession. And she boasted above all to be international. Since the attacks of 2015 and the global emotion that ensued, the mayor of Paris chairs the C40, which brings together the 81 largest cities in the world around cooperation projects. Travel abroad has multiplied. The mayor has endorsed the interesting theory of political scientist Benjamin Barber who sees the megacities as the right scale to think history on the march, facing nation-states become bloodless and ineffective. "We recognize that in 2016 and 2017, the mayor has moved away from Parisians. But we had to convince for the Olympic Games and restore the image of the city in the world to revive tourism after the attacks, "justifies his entourage.

This stratospheric distance and the repetitive polemics accompanying each project ended up using its image. The mayor of Paris is a pragmatist, but she also likes castagne and provoc. "She has a concupiscence for the com blow and the media event," according to the expression of one of his regular visitors. A choice in all contrary points of the consensual management of Lyon by Gerard Collomb, now Minister of the Interior, who nevertheless has the same goals of green city - he was a pioneer of bike self-service. Collomb logically saw in Emmanuel Macron the political line that corresponded to his electorate as well as to his convictions. This is also the choice that Anne Hidalgo could have made.

Did not his predecessor, Bertrand Delanoë, announce his support for Macron during the presidential election? This earned him a discreet but lively "with Anne". Another new enemy? The mayor of Paris has in any case made other choices. She successively supported with conviction the two big losers of the left: Vincent Peillon who gathered 6.8% of the vote in the Socialist primary, then Benoît Hamon who gathered 6.36% of the vote in the first round of the presidential election. Everyone has seen its lack of political flair: 35% of Parisians voted Emmanuel Macron, 26% François Fillon, 20% Jean-Luc Mélenchon and only 10% Benoît Hamon. "She should have been a macronist, but she also has a husband," says a connoisseur. Her husband, the deputy Jean-Marc Germain, animated the hard wing of the slingers during the quinquennium Holland. One of these specimens of parliamentarians who helped break the left in two.

A very bad background noise

All these inconsistencies, clumsiness and polemics end up creating a very bad background noise. An Elabe poll for The echoes published on February 1, highlights a real shift in opinion. The one nicknamed "Our Drama of Paris" in a book published in September 2017 and sold 38,000 copies lost 12 points of popularity in six months: only 18% of French have a good opinion of Anne Hidalgo. Surprisingly, this fall is especially strong on the left, where it loses 23 points, from 55 to 32% of favorable opinions. So his side does not even thank her for having long kept her distance with the new President.

"For the opinion, an idea of ​​Anne Hidalgo and it's a new controversy. The repetition of the phenomenon ends up damaging his image »

A sounder

"For the opinion, an idea of ​​Anne Hidalgo and it's a new controversy. The repetition of the phenomenon ends up damaging its image, "argues a sonar. Even the Olympics in 2024 are no longer the asset she could have dreamed of. First of all because everyone remembers it was hostile - scalded by Bertrand Delanoë's dismal failure to award the Games in 2012. But also because the final success can mostly be credited to the new President French, whose surprise election appealed to international decision-makers.

It is not enough then to denounce "the fachosphere, the reactions, the neoreacts, the big machos" to explain a fall of popularity which is visible in its own camp: the mayor of Paris has lost 20 points of popularity in the capital, from 36% in May 2017 to 16% in February 2018. "We must be wary of national surveys; what counts for us is the 1.2 million voters in Paris, and all polls show that it has retained its base of the first round of municipal ", argues Matthieu Lamarre, who is in charge of relations with the press to Paris city hall. It prevents. If we believe many right-wing politicians in Paris and if we listen to the 12 deputies of The Republic in motion - out of 18 - most say it is time to turn the page of seventeen years of municipal socialism. Some are willing to do it together, because the right knows its weaknesses and lack of leadership and LREM would need to rely on it. "We can not be satisfied with this management of the City of Paris: 6 billion debt, rats in the streets, stations without Vélib 'and traffic jams that penalize both polluting vehicles and electric cars," wrote recently on his Twitter account Stanislas Guerini, the LREM deputy of the 3rd district of Paris. "Whatever happens, by 2020 we must seek a new breath for this city," says another elected Macronian. The President has not yet decided to release the mayor of Paris to push one of its champions: the spokesman of the government, Benjamin Griveaux, less current these days, or the Secretary of State to digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, whose name also circulates. The fate of the mayor of Paris actually depends a lot on Elyos calculations. It is very unpleasant for the "queen mayor", who has one day slipped in the ear of François Hollande: "Emmanuel Macron, I do not care, I'm not afraid of a guy who is not even not elected. "


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