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It does not matter justice, provided there is lynching

Neo-feminism pursues its enterprise of destruction of public liberties. Last victim: Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Budget, who is the subject of charges of rape and is thus pursued by the clamor claiming his political death. Reading articles published by the mainstream press, namely the newspaper The world and the site of France TV info, makes hair stand on end. Regarding the details of the facts, we will stick to the content of these articles, which we invite to reading. To measure also at what level of voyeuristic baseness some media, which claim yet reference, have reached.

A certain Sophie Spatz would have filed against Gerald Darmanin a complaint for rape, and it would be the subject of a preliminary investigation. If we understand correctly, Mrs. Spatz was previously a "call girl", which means in good French that she was engaged in prostitution. This is not a dishonorable job, far from it, but it requires, as a first quality, not to be cold-eyed and makes it difficult to pretend to be an ingenuous and a white goose. This person also has a criminal record with a correctional conviction for "harassment and blackmail", which casts a strange light on his attitude today, whether we like it or not.

Darmanin, a time-honored trophy

Sophie Spatz claims that nine years ago (!) She would have contacted Gerald Darmanin, then aged 26, to intervene in his interest "for his criminal case". At this stage, it is unclear what the political activist's intervention might have been in a case that gave rise to a final and res judicata decision. As regards the mention in the criminal record, there are procedures that fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of the seat, to which Gérald Darmanin never had any near or far belongings. It is hard to believe that Mrs. Spatz did not know it. No need to dwell on a chronology of facts whose mere reading reveals the approximate character, and especially not credible. And that curiously illuminates the interventions of the husband of Sophie Spatz, whose role in the revenge of which the Minister of the Budget is the subject is still singularly unpleasant.

It seems that it is he, according to the press, who was at the origin of the seizure of justice at the time of the appointment of Gerald Darmanin to the Budget. Awakening probably motivated by the fact that a box on a minister is more interesting than on the mayor of Tourcoing. A preliminary inquiry had been opened, and it turns out that Sophie Spatz refused to go to the convocations of the investigators to explain her grievances. This improbable attitude obviously prevented the proceedings from continuing, and the case was closed. We imagine of course the argument that will be advanced a posteriori by neo-feminists: apprehension about having to undergo interrogations of sexist police. He also has no credibility.

Caroline de Haas at the helm

The case could have stopped there, but, and that's when things get a little terrifying and cause real concern for the respect of civil liberties in our country, Caroline de Haas, one of the great priestesses of aggressive neo-feminism, according to the press, has taken the case in hand. And convinced the husband that a sexual act a priori consented, could be nine years later described as rape, provided he invoked the "surprise". here what does The world of their exchange: "In Sophie's mind, is it rape? "Caroline De Haas asks the husband. " No, he replies, he did not tear off his clothes. " Caroline De Haas then explains the notion of consent. "And here I understood," relates Pierre Spatz. "

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We do not know if, in fact, Gerald Darmanin and Sophie Spatz had a sexual relationship. But Mrs. Spatz, nine years later, would claim that it is the case, and that she was quite surprised. It will now be up to the investigators and magistrates seized to appreciate the credibility ...

But in the meantime, we are very surprised to learn the role of Mrs. Caroline de Haas, seems firmly installed in the maneuver. The press recently told us that its feminist commitments were, it seems, directly linked to the financial profit it could derivebecause she made it a job. Why not ? Using beliefs to coin money is not forbidden, and it is not the only one. But besides their unpleasantness, it is nevertheless worrying that it adds to these lucrative activities the coaching possible complainants. And that it makes them take in hand by "female lawyers", for a purpose, of which one can fear that it is not to make happen the judicial truth, but to allow a medico-political lynching ... of which it is clear now that Gerald Darmanin, as presumed innocent as it is, will have a dog trouble to get out.

The police cops policy

The neo-feminist lobby has, as we had seen about the imposture Jacqueline Sauvage, many relays. Who have transformed, against the evidence of facts and a series of lies, a murderous icon in the fight against violence against women. This time, the pack is launched and calls loudly for the resignation of the minister, that is to say his political and social death. His political opponents, delighted with the windfall, will either rush to scream with the wolves, or, at best, stay away. It is so much more comfortable to be politicized by cops and judges than to fight the battle of ideas. A deplorable calculation on the part of those who do not want to understand that they will be the next victims of what deserves the name of violence.

Committed to the defense of the victims of this type of accusation, how will I not be worried about the installation of this unbreathable climate? Climate in which any call to calm and measure answers the insult and the injunction to silence. In which those who should be particularly attentive to the respect of liberties, magistrates and public institutions, are subjected to pressures to which it becomes increasingly difficult for them to resist. Is it not the custody of the Seals which seems ready, among other liberticidal measures, to accept with a light heart the disappearance of the prescription in criminal matters? Is not the "defender of rights" Jacques Toubon who proposes very officially to end a two-thousand-year-old principle of the burden of proof on the prosecution ? The magistrates judges of the seat, hold somehow for the moment. Unfortunately, the same can not be said of the parquet floors. As for the policies ...

To cope with bullying, George Orwell said provocatively: " You always have to scream with the wolves, that's what I think. It's the only way to be safe ».

To avoid arbitrariness, one must choose insecurity.

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