Edited by Élisabeth Lévy

Forgive me the expression, but our ancestors were really idiots. What was the point of all these controversies over justice, morality and grace, all this clash over the balance of powers and counter-powers, all these feats elaborated in a few centuries to guarantee the independence of the judges and the rights of defense, if not to produce boring books catching dust and risking, moreover, to divert innocent children from their healthy digital activities? Does this incredible stack of laws and procedures make sense when any citizen can get an idea of ​​guilt or innocence in just a few clicks?

Opinion makes the law

We are witnessing the unfolding of a new, post-democratic order, where opinion is the law and where the media pillory replaces the courtroom. Let's fear that the Darmanin case foreshadows our future, a world where the terror exercised by feminist justices will lead us to renounce all justice.

We are obliged, as regards the facts, to draw on the investigation of the World January 27, necessarily dependent since it is based primarily on the direct testimony and the interrogation minutes of the complainant - who still dares to speak of secrecy of the investigation? - as well as on the first elements of the judicial file. In mid-January, the Paris Public Prosecutor therefore opened a preliminary inquiry into a rape complaint filed against the Minister of Action and Public Accounts.

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In 2009, Gérald Darmanin, 26, is only an ambitious militant who won a post of project manager at the headquarters of the UMP. And, probably "A dirty con", as he seems to have recognized in a message to the complainant. It's not a crime and sometimes it gets better with age. He receives "So", a woman no doubt attractive, whose specialty is to harass the "powerful" she can reach to whitewash his record of an old conviction (or cancel it, it is not clear) . Perhaps she has flooded the editorial staff with these files that end up in a trash can without having been read. It sometimes obtains an "intervention", a privileged expression of official clientelism - "My dear X, would you be so kind as to have Mrs Y's case examined? My friends, madam. It does not involve anything, and in this case it could not be used for anything, but the lady probably did not know it. It is then possible that the young man explicitly offered him the boot in exchange for an influence he did not have. But if there was a market, it was not under duress, since the act would have been committed in a hotel room, after a passage in the swinger club Les Chandelles and once the alleged aggressor had been sent to acquire shower gel and toothpaste. A few months later, the opposition leader in Tourcoing sends the famous letter to the Keeper of the Seals, Michele Alliot-Marie, and warns "So", which is fumasse, but remains there ...

Caroline de Haas no longer surprises anyone

In 2017, Darmanin enters the government. The husband of "So" then remembered that his wife was, nine years earlier, a victim abuse of weakness, abuse of power, even rape. Letter to the Minister of Justice, François Bayrou, opening an investigation for rape and, in July 2017, classification for "Total absence of offense" - the alleged victim having ignored the summonses.

That's when the inexplicable Caroline De Haas, whose mischief should worry as much as they laugh, now that it adds to its range of skills the victimization coaching and the judicial council. Perhaps the President of the Republic should now submit the composition of the government beforehand so that no pig, swine or piglet slips into it? With a lawyer of her friends, she explains to the couple that it was a rape and persuades him to retry his chance. The consent of "So" would have been obtained by surprise, which seems not very compatible with the purchase of the shower gel, but I am not a judge. In the meantime, let us erase from the history of cinema and literature all the kisses obtained by surprise, which are a call to rape.

If you can not be judged twice for the same facts, you can be prosecuted twice. Justice will have to determine what happened in this hotel room. Meanwhile, the lynching has already begun. That the Elysée is good is almost miraculous.

Wauquiez betrays the people

The petition launched by "the movement", a troop led notably by Elliot Lepers, expert in digital harassment and denunciation of the wicked macho, flank really scared. "When a minister is blamed for rape, he can not stay in government", decree the signatories. A system where the accusation is worthy of condemnation, that is a real shock of simplification. Stalin himself was a mock trial.

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But the pomp of cowardice, conformism and opportunism comes down to Laurent Wauquiez. He had the opportunity to appear as the champion of resistance to political correctness. He could not resist I'm looking forward to doing a bad job for Macron. Instead of defending Darmanin in the name of principles, he settles his accounts in petty fashion and demands his resignation - against the advice of some tenors or ex-tenors of his party who save the honor. Most distressing is that giving in to neo-feminist corporalism is not even a good calculation. France in its depths makes more sense than a few thousand professional petitioners. By being intimidated by the pack, Wauquiez betrays the people he claims to represent. And contrary to what he believes, in this case, it is Macron who has the beautiful role.