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VIDEO - At the start of his trial, the alleged terrorist blasted the "way" that Muslims are treated.

"I'm not afraid of you, I'm not afraid of your allies, your associates, I put my trust in Allah and that's all, I have nothing to add." By voice, juvenile and firm, Salah Abdeslam, the Brussels courthouse took on Monday airs of propaganda video of the Islamic State. And one could not help thinking that the only survivor of the commandos of the November 13, 2015who wants to sit in front of his judges, has successfully completed his operation.

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Before the opening of his trial before the 90th Criminal Court of Brussels for a shootout against Belgian and French policemen on March 15, 2016, one wondered if the man would speak or persist in his silence. He finally chose a middle way. Unless dramatic reversal, the victims attacks of Paris and Saint-Denis, like those of Brussels, March 22, 2016, will not get any explanation from him. Not to mention a sketch of repentance. On the other hand, it is in perfect adepts of the radical Islam that Abdeslam seized the platform which was offered to him not only to plead his cause but to make work of propagandist. First, a pro domo plea, which proves that the defendant is perfectly master of him, when he declares that his silence does not make him "a criminal or a culprit, it is my defense". Before adding immediately: "There is evidence in this case (the shooting of March 15 in Brussels during which four policemen were wounded), tangible evidence, scientific, I would like it to be on that we base ourselves and we do not base ourselves, we do not act to satisfy public opinion. "

"What I see is that Muslims are judged, treated in the worst way, pitilessly, there is no presumption of innocence"

Salah Abdeslam

One of the central questions of the ongoing Brussels trial is who, in addition to the jihadist Mohamed Belkaïd shot dead on March 15, 2016, shot the police that day. And Salah Abdeslam as his lawyer Me Sven Mary know very well that an expertise establishes that the DNA of his co-author in this file, Tunisian Sofien Ayari, was found on the second weapon used against the police. But the child of Molenbeek did not content himself with presenting himself as a victim ("Now, judge me, do what you want with me, I am in my Lord that I place my trust"). He also tried to manipulate the lever of victimization of Muslims in general by launching in court: "What I see is that Muslims are judged, treated in the worst way, pitilessly, there is no presumption of innocence. "Note that the regulars of the palace and motorists in Brussels, suffering from draconian security conditions, will taste all the salt. In fact ruthless treatment, the French and Belgian states have mobilized everything to meet the will of the person to appear in court. In response, these considerations are not legal: "I testify that there is no god but Allah, Muhammad is his servant and his messenger."

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On Monday, however, Salah Abdeslam will not have succeeded, at least completely, in ridiculing justice. The public has indeed found that despite the silence of some, an audience could shed light on the facts. Thanks in particular to the questions of the president Marie-France Keutgen, mastering to perfection the art of the false naiveté and the detail which knocks down. She excelled in the interrogation of Abdeslam's co-director, Sofien Ayari, targeted by France in the investigation on 13 November. The man has, it is true, demonstrated that if he spoke, it was very often to say nothing. A great classic of Islamist trials where the suspects have not seen anything, done nothing and heard nothing. For Abdeslam and Ayari, the federal prosecutor, Kathleen Grosjean, has asked for twenty years of detention with a term of imprisonment of thirteen years for attempted murder in a terrorist context.

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  1. ricard   6 February 2018 at 16 h 34 min

    the right to silence .... Send it to Morocco, to "dialogue" in the true sense of the term with the cops of internal security. We will see if he remains silent for a long time ... Poor Belgium and poor France, we have started with similar democracies ...

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