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Between "lay" and "religious"

The identity of olim originating from France

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 from 18.00 to 22.00

at Zoa House, Beit Zionei America, Ibn Gvirol 26, Tel Aviv

PAF: 20 NIS, limited places

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The recent television series of Israel's national television channel - "HaTsarfokayim", the "Franco (maro) cains" - has shown us how the Israelis - at least some journalists - perceive olim of France. Or, rather, only see them through the identity prisms of Israeli society ...

What are these prisms, generally unknown to the natives of France?

To deepen this question, Dialogia has commissioned a national survey that reveals where the lines of the identity break are passing. We will examine the essential features.

How do the olim of France find their place in this symbolic classification and what challenges does it pose to their own identity?

Rather than feeling lost, could they help to force existing divisions, to invent a new way of being, useful to the whole society?

It is a reflection on these issues that Dialogia wants to contribute.


A conference of Dialogia



17h45-18h00: Home

18h00-18h15: Opening

Max Benhamou: From balance to action: the time for reflection

18h15-18h40: Presentation of the survey of the Rushinek Institute

  • Shmuel Trigano: The Israeli identity fracture

18h40-20h00: The state of things

  • Eliezer Ben Rafael: The challenges of a singular alya
  • Sammy Ghozlan: Inadequate integration frameworks
  • Eva Labi: Which schools for young olim of France?
  • Elyakim Symsovic: The conflict between the Faith and the Law

20: 00-20: 30: COCKTAIL

20h30-21h30: Perspectives

  • Denis Charbit: From laïcité to the French concordat to the Israeli?
  • Dov Maimon: To pick up pieces of a fragmented society?
  • Esther Orner: Over time


21h30-21h45: Debate

21:45 - 22:00: Conclusion

  • Shmuel Trigano

Stakeholders :

Max Benhamou, president-founder of Dialogia and Ademas Charities associations

Eliezer Ben-Rafael, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Tel Aviv University. Specialist of Israeli society, Landau Prize for his work in sociology

Denis Charbit, Lecturer at the Open University of Israel (Ra'anana). Author of: Back to Altneuland: the crossing of Zionist utopias (The shine, 2018)

Sammy Ghozlan, Honorary Commissioner of Police, Founding President of BNVCA and Vice-President of Consistory, Founder of the Coordination for the Integration of Olim of France

Eva Labi, Director of Israel-Tefutsoth programs for KIAH, in charge of integration programs for young olim in France

Dov H. Maimon(PhD, MBA, BSc) Senior Fellow, Jewish People Policy Institute

Esther Orner, writer and translator of Hebrew poetry in French, author of many books, co-founder of the journal continuum. Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters in 2013

Elyakim Simsovic, a teacher, translator and computer scientist, has been actively involved in the publication efforts of the Manitou Foundation. Author of Israel, fifty years of state, ed. Hirlé, Strasbourg, 1998.

Shmuel Trigano, Professor Emeritus of the Universities, Bernheim Prize of the Foundation of French Judaism, founder of the Popular University of Judaism.

7 Partages

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